Howard Dream

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My name is Nancy Parent and I was a close friend of Howard’s for about 20 years. I followed him around at Indiana University where I was awed and amazed by his many talents. I ended up acting in some of his productions and became a good friend, cheerleader, and his assistant at the WPA Theater and on his production of God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater. I also followed him to California to work on The Little Mermaid. Along the way I became best friends with his sister Sarah and got to know his family. Sarah and I often reminisce, and, once in a great while, I have the most fortunate and overwhelming experience of having a “Howard” dream. Here goes last night’s: We were in a tiny rehearsal studio (a huge mob of chattering, excited theater people) where Howard was getting ready to conduct a rehearsal. He was sick at the time, but having a “good” period, and although I kept asking him if he was okay, he kept saying, “I’m fine. I can do this. I’m okay.” I was running around with a clipboard in hand, organizing and checking off names. He was pulling himself together (I think he had one of those plastic coffee stirrers in his mouth), and readying himself to greet the cast and crew. Right before we opened the doors, he told me he loved me, and I started to cry.


  • What a beautiful post, Nan. Thank you. You did notice John Musker's sketch at the top of this page, right? The one with Howard and his coffee stirrer (or maybe that's a toothpick).
  • Thanks, Sar. Yes, I did see the sketch! Looks like a toothpick to me. I love John's caricatures! No one escaped his sharp eye--especially Howard!
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