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What are your favorite Howard Ashman lyrics to live by???


  • "Don't feed the plants" obviously. My entire life revolves around that.
  • Have to think about it but it's a great question.
  • I'll go with TacoWiz on this one. Also, there's one song in LSOH (We'll Have Tomorrow) that I was tempted to say, but on more careful examination, the song is ironic, and despite its inspirational sound, the fate of the people who sung it should be very good indication that its philosophy is not one to live by.
  • I would have to say it's either a piece of proud of you boy when he's describing how he's not better than his parents and, of course, he'll make 'em proud. Or it would also have to be the line in Sheriden Square that goes: 'you're the reason I wrote this song.' I wrote a song to help a good friend of mine and that line really goes with it.
  • Hmmmmmmm...... A difficult question, to be sure.
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