Could it be?

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It was recently discovered (by me) that the Little Shop of Horrors movie is being released on Blu-Ray.


This might mean the release of a color version of the original ending, along with The Meek Shall Inherit and other goodies.

The ideal Blu-Ray release would be patterned after that of I Am Legend. On the main menu you can choose between the theatrical edition and the restored edition, which contains the original ending as well as scenes removed/changed to fit fit the new ending.


  • Alas, unless someone knows something I don't, there's no date on that page. It's just a placeholder for a possible future Blu-ray release of Little Shop. Amazon does that for a lot of movies. They are there so people can sign up to be notified if and when an actual release is planned. It in no way indicates a forthcoming actual release, unfortunately.

    That being said, maybe we'll get one sometime in the nearish future. The film certainly has a following and a fan base, and based on the other movies being released on Blu-ray, I think a Little Shop Blu-ray is certainly possible.
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    I think it'll be released sooner rather than later. There was a (full) copy of the film on YouTube for the longest time (I think I discovered it last October or November) that Warner Bros. have just recently taken down, so I'm hoping that means that they're in the early stages of a planned Blu-Ray release. (Or, possibly, hopefully, a theatrical re-release.)
  • A theatrical re-release wont happen. I think the last time something like that happened was... E.T. in 2002?
  • When was the first time you saw "Little Shop of Horrors," in cinema or at home? What were your first impressions of the film??? I remember seeing it when I was younger and getting so upset during the crazy dentist part! I still have a fear of dentists to this day! Hah.
  • I was late to the party. I first saw it a few months ago, at home (on the computer, on YouTube, *sad face*) after putting it off since November, and my first thought was "This is one of the greatest movies, and THE best musical, ever created." And, after viewing a quality copy for the first time yesterday, though in full-screen, I still think that.
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