Something mildly humorous.

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I was in a difficult situation today, and a thought occurred to me.

"What would Howard Ashman do in this situation?"

My obsession with Little Shop of Horrors has reached unhealthy levels.

..Sorry if this wasn't even mildly humorous.


  • What would Howard Ashman do if he was here right now?
    He'd make a plan and he'd follow through, that's what Howard Ashman would do!
  • *gives Omega a gold star*
  • Agreed. Don't know if Howard Ashman would do it but it's a good plan anyway.
  • He'd probably write a song about it!!! This is one of the best ways, for me, to work out a difficult situation.

    If Howard Ashman were alive today and had a "song a day" online channel--- I'd most definitely be a daily viewer. :D
  • edited October 2012
    @Omega *golf claps*
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