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About a month ago, I was thinking about DisneyAshmanDemos, and how it's strayed far from my original idea; a place to upload Howard's demos. Instead, it's become more focused on Little Shop recordings and videos. Which is nice, I love Little Shop, but it just felt off to me.

So, tonight I had acess to a computer, and I created The Little Shop of Horrors Archive, an off-shoot of DisneyAshmanDemos that'll be a place for me to upload just Little Shop videos I can't upload to DAD anymore. I intend on moving all the Little Shop videos I have up now onto the channel, as well as things I haven't been able to upload for various reasons.

Subscribe to it at youtube.com/littleshoparchive and watch my first upload to it below.


  • Nice work! Well done.

    On this topic, I'm about twenty years too late-- OK, only ONE-- but somebody let me borrow their director's cut DVD of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, and wow! It's great! It's still mind-boggling to me that a 1980s audience wouldn't accept such an ending. (I could see a 1950s audience not.) Said friend also told me a story that an older friend told him a story about Sondheim rushing out of the theater following the original LITTLE SHOP to get to the closest pay phone and start calling friends to go see it. I THINK that's an exaggeration (I can't see him rushing to a pay phone, even 30 years ago), but I'm sure he liked the show a lot.

    Anyway, if you delayed in seeing the director's cut of the film, don't delay any longer.
  • Still not happy about some of the things that the director's cut failed to restore, though. :( The ending was the most important part, though, so it was still good that it was released.
  • If you mean restoring numbers like "It's Just the Gas" or "Closed for Renovation" which (to my knowledge) were never filmed, that'd be impossible.

  • No, I mean the scenes that were definitely filmed, and were definitely part of the cut originally shown to test audiences, that the crew simply didn't bother to restore. More recuts happened between the angry test audience and the theatrical release than just the ending. Other cut material included alternate footage in several songs and scenes, Seymour's solo in The Meek Shall Inherit, and the original Suddenly Seymour Reprise. Frank Oz has previously stated that the cut to Seymour's solo in The Meek Shall Inherit occurred before the test audience screening, but I believe that there is now evidence he was mistaken about this.
  • I had NO idea about that! Perhaps it'd be nice to see that stuff, too. Though I think the film from start to (new) finish is quite spectacular and consistent in tone now more than ever. I didn't realize how really wonderfully done the "Somewhere That's Green" sequence is done until watching it this time around.
  • All the footage is online, now, albeit at a poorer quality than the rest of the film:

    Also, I note that the version of Don't Feed The Plants shown to test audiences was substantially shorter, though I *do* prefer the complete version in the Director's Cut.
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    This grainy footage is great, but I think the recent Director's Cut is definitive, really. (Obviously Frank Oz, Alan M., and the rest of the gang think so, too. I'd imagine Howard would, too.) And I really can't get over how good I think the rest of the film is. Perhaps because the ending was so whitewashed after test screenings, I was always sort of annoyed by the film, but now I really think it's excellent, and quite stunning. And thank GOD Ellen's performance got captured on celluloid. No one's topped it, and I don't think anyone will.
  • John, I don't think Mr. Sondheim rushed out of the theater to call friends after seeing Little Shop, but he did write Howard a very nice, and very complimentary letter. It's in the Library of Congress archives. As an aside, they also have a letter that Mr. S wrote to Leonard Bernstein soon after the opening of West Side Story that's very gossipy and very funny.
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    A new upload. Here's a full performance (more or less) of the 2003 Florida tryout of Little Shop, featuring Hunter Foster, Lee Wilkof, Alice Ripley, and the last (recorded) performance of Robert Stack, who died a few days before the first performance.

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