Christine Ebersole sings "Something There" from BEAUTY...

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Just wanted to let all of you know that the wonderful Christine Ebersole of 42ND ST. and (especially) GREY GARDENS fame sings a jazzy version of my favorite Menken/Ashman Disney tune, "Something There" on her new CD, "Strings Attached." She's great, and the song is great, though I wondered if Howard had written the alternate line she sings in place of "shudder at my paw" in hopes of the song maybe getting sung outside the movie. Check it out, though. She knows her way around cabaret and jazz as well as old fashioned musical theater.


  • Just checked it out and love it. Yes, I think she's changed the lyric - musician's license (as long as they don't do it in a show). Thanks for the update.
  • I had the pleasure of meeting Christine once and talking about the dying cabaret scene in NYC (this was following Feinstein's closing on the East Side). While she is far more metaphorical and spiritual in talking about her life and art and craft than I am (I'm FAR MORE cut and dry, if you all couldn't tell), she's a lovely lady. At least she kept a true rhyme in her arrangement rather than a slant of false one. Howard would like that, I'm pretty sure.
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