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I've spent all day, syncing up Howard's demo to Part of That World to the finished animation in the film. I just wanted to share it with everyone and see what you guys think.


  • Hi there,
    My name is Iris and im from Israel. Im 30 years old.
    Im just writing you to share that lately ive been kinda addicted to the song “part of your world”..:)
    We sing it all the time at work, just playing it on youtube and singing along whole-heartedly
    We’re a group of young women, and we all love it very much.
    Its so uplifting and moving.
    And so I looked it up a little online, and I saw a clip of Mr. Ashman directing the singer in the recording booth, and was really impressed by his sensitivity, by how he managed this difficult task of directing an artist, explaining to her what he wanted in a gentle manner, and when he sang out some parts in order to express his vision you could immediately tell how he could identify with the emotion, and what a big heart he must have had.
    It was also nice how he turned to whispering, as if he could understand the fragile position in which the singer was, having to perform under the pressure of all the people looking on. You can hear some of those people talking and laughing outside the booth, so it was wonderful seeing how he turned to whispering , it was extremely respectful of her and of their work, and was really an example of how to stay “naive” in what can sometimes become a cynical environment.

    And the line “bet they don’t reprimand their daughters” is great and its great and encouraging that it was written by a man.

    Anyway, I hope u will be glad to hear that his songs are so loved and cherished, and are sang daily even in our corner of the world.

    I wish you all the very best ,with deep respect and love,
  • Thanks so much for posting this, Iris. I think your point about the whispering is especially insightful.
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