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I'm starting a new category here for posting notes about productions of LSOH. We'd love new productions to let us know what they're up to but also, if you've done LSOH and have some insights into the production, please weigh in.
We'd love it if you can include photos, as well.


  • I was in a production of Little Shop at my high school that was...let's say "experimental," LOL! :) This was 1994 or 1995.

    The director made some interesting choices. First off, he decided to forego the plant puppet, and instead had all the chorus members dressed in green. When someone was eaten by the plant, they would become part of the plant. In the beginning, it was just the person playing Audrey 2, then a few people were added, and by the end of the show we were filling the stage all dressed in green, and acting as extensions of the plant. He also had us acting on behalf of the plant. For example, I was in the chorus, but my "role" was telephone operator. I had a bell, and during the "Call Back in the Morning" scene, I sat off to the side of the stage and "rang the phone" - I guess implying that Audrey 2 was making the phones ring.

    The director also decided for some reason that it was a good idea to open the show with an interpretive ballet...I still don't know what that was about.
  • I played Audrey II (the actual plant) in a high school production back in 2009; the first show I ever did onstage work for. As far as an interpretation, we didn't stray too far from the source material (used a unit set, rented the puppets from MTI, same orchestra size, etc.) but we did expand the casting a tiny bit to allow for some more of our school's talents to be used (ex. six girls in the greek chorus, which allowed for a fuller sound, and 2 actors to portray all of Orin's supporting roles).

    Plant #1: i was underneath an incredibly small table with a book covering the whole my hand would stick out of. When our Seymour put the plant down, he simply slid the book out of the way and placed the plant on the whole. To let me know he was holding his bloody finger over the plant (i couldnt see) He would tap the table to open and tap again to have me stop.

    Plant #3 was my favorite to go because every part of my body was involved. Feed Me has an amazing rhythm to it and it really helped me to embody the plant (although I was admittedly more off book than our Audrey II voice actor was). I especially loved eating the Orin body parts with the fuzzy tongue during the act 1 coda.

    Plant #4 was interesting, to say the least. For one thing it was huge, about 6' long and 3+' high. Secondly, I didn't do anything for the first 12 minutes or so of act 2, so i just took a nap, although it was hard to get any rest inside a hot fuzzy puppet. Eating mushnik was great because our Mushnik was a really intense character actor who got very into his death scene. (we got so into it one night he almost got knocked out). Eating Seymour was a bit different. Our Mushnik was 5'7" and our Seymour was 6'4" (i was stuck in the middle at 5'11"). When I ate Seymour, there was no blackout unlike the one there had been for Mushnik and Audrey's demises, so he was stuck in there with me until a set piece dropped down during the finale. He also had to change into his death clothes in the plant and had no concept of folding his legs, so i was stuffed up in the mouth of the plant while he attemped to change.

    Little Shop was an amazing experience for me, and I will never forget it.
  • Marty Robinson - the designer of the original Audrey and the puppeteer promises to write or do an interview. More soon.
  • Yesterday, I began rehearsal for a production of Little Shop in Mamaroneck, NY. We open on July 9 and run for five weeks. It's a very small theater (seats about 80) and has a very Brechtian feel to it (no curtain, no fly space, visible lights, etc.), which I think makes it the perfect space for Little Shop. Not a whole lot I can say that people here won't already know, just the fact that I consider myself a relatively experienced musical theatre performer but, for whatever reason, I never got to know Little Shop very intimately until now, and I'm still relatively new to the material. But I'm head over heels in love with it. I love how it's the perfect combination of funny and sinister, campiness and seriousness, and OMG THE MUSIC...it just gets right under your skin. I'm playing Chiffon and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be singing meaty, sexy, tight R&B harmonies despite being a skinny white chick from Westchester and the farthest thing from "street" you could imagine. haha...but seriously. I love the show. I love the lyrics, I love the music, I love everything about it.
  • What's the name of the theater where you'll be performing?
  • I'm guessing (from a quick internet search) that it's this production. http://www.westchestersandboxtheatre.com/#!__mainstage :)
  • Haha, yes, that is the one!!

    Do any of you live in the area? We'd love to have you in the audience!
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