Documentary idea

So, this is a youtube video trailer that I found advertising a documentary on Howard Ashman's life:

Its from 2009, but I still think it's interesting. If anyone wants to donate to his funding--and I don't know if he's still interested in doing this--he has a link to a website towards this. And hope we can get this funded up and running.


  • Jonathan Polenz is a great guy and doing the documetary on and off as he gets funding and time. He's just finished producing his first film and will hopefully be able to get back to this soon. One neat thing, he did an interview with me at Howard's and my childhood home. He got permission from the lady who now owns the house to let me and his film crew (two guys, nothing fancy) in. I'll be forever grateful, if only for that opportunity.

    Jonathan has also offered to share some clips of interviews with us. Hopefully he'll be loading up on the channel soon! I'll announce it when he does.
  • Ok. I just didn't hear or see any progress on his youtube page, so I didn't know how he's going on with it. But it's great that he was able to interview you and everything. I bet being with him was a real blast of nostalgia for you.
  • I Would Really Love To See This Documentary!!!
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    This will be the first full-length documentary I ever buy.

    One little--okay, BIG complaint. At 3:52 in the trailer, there's a clip from the theatrical ending to Little Shop of Horrors. The ending that is an insult to Ashman and the show's legacy.

    Since funding appears to be an issue, I think there should be a donation fund through Kickstarter. It is the best way to raise money for indie projects.

    In addition to all the great features, it only charges your donations if the project reaches its goal. That'd be the only way I can convince my mom to let me donate.
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    Yes, the theatrical ending to LS is shown. But, keep in mind, the only, publicly released version of the original ending is the B&W workprint copy. Though David Geffin says he has a color copy, it has yet to released.

    EDIT: Just rewatched the trailer again. While I see your issue with it, I personally have no problem with him using that particular shot. Most people will know the shot from the movie. And I think calling it an "insult" is a bit much. At least it was Howard himself who re-wrote the ending, and not some staff-writer or studio whipping boy. Though he wasn't happy about it, he still approved the new ending.

    I can't wait to see "Lyrics". Just the trailer alone is awesome.
  • I felt Seymour and Audrey moving to Somewhere That's Green was a reward for his murders.

    They should've made the punishment for Seymour's actions less harsh, or even removed the punishment entirely. Rewarding murder just goes against the entire moral of the story.
  • Aryeh, I agree with you, but you've already made your point.
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