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When I listen to the non-lyrical compositions on Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, I notice a significant difference in style and quality compared to the films without Howard's influence. Does anybody know if he had a lot of say in these arrangements as well? I know that he had responsibilities such as picking the cast as well as the actual story.


  • Well he suggested that sebastion--sorry that I spelled that wrong--should be rastafarian/jamacen (again sorry for the spelling) which lead into the tone of the music like under the sea, and wrote a little bit of the story with the crab's dialogue when Ariel turns human.
  • Howard had a lot of influence because he had a lot of respect at Disney, had a big hit show before he came there and when he wanted something and believed it it he could be very loud and very tough and didn't back down. Don't forget, though, that the were other incredibly talented people in that room at the same time. I think they really fed off of each other (in a good,non-Audrey, way).
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