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So what should I be covering in the blog? I'd love to get your thoughts.


  • I love the interview with Jodi you did. I don't even know what specifically to say other than any anecdotes or stories you might have. It would be really interesting to hear from people he worked with about what his process was like, and what it was like collaborating with him. It'd also be interesting to hear more about the development process for his musicals, what kind of material was cut and such. Loving everything about this website, though. It's about time Howard was recognized as the incredible and brilliant talent he was. Not that people don't know that, but I've never found his influence to be as widely known and respected as it should be.
  • Thank you so much. Definitely want to do a post about songs that were cut. I have to get my interview skills working, too.
  • Hi Sarah, Great job on the site! It's great to have such a resource on Mr Ashman's life and work.

    I've heard talk on the internet about Howard's involvement with the movie Newsies. I'd love to see something in the blog on this rumor. Did he work on it? Did any of his lyrics make it to the final film?

    Thanks. And keep up the good work.

  • No, Newsies is by Alan Menken and Jack Feldman. Just another internet rumor.
  • Just an update, since you asked about Newsies (by Menken, Feldman and Harvey Fierstein). It is premiering at Papermill Playhouse this month.
  • I agree with everything the first commenter said, it would be great to hear more about his creative process. I loved your story about how he first told you the idea for Little Shop. Also any stories about his directing, which you don't hear as much about.
  • Thanks for the feedback, little by little, I'm getting there.
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