Regent's Park Open Air Theatre

Just booked my ticket for LSOH in Regent's Park in August - https://openairtheatre.com/production/little-shop-of-horrors#.WihGP0LFhyA.twitter

Very excited to see cast announcements and - of course - excited to see it on stage again. Thoughts? Anyone else going? :)


  • Have fun! I would love to go but being in the US makes it extremely unlikely... ;) Maybe we can campaign for a video release. I know they've recorded other Regent's Park performances for broadcast. For example, Into the Woods was released a few years ago. https://openairtheatre.com/production/into-the-woods-digital-theatre :)
  • Guh, by a "few years" I guess I mean nearly 8! Ouch. Time flies, LOL!
  • I'm in Europe, though not in England/London. Since I have to travel from Norway, I need to just hope for the weather to be okay on that night, it'll be a huge bummer if it get cancelled because of rain, haha.

    Would be pretty rad if it got a video release, though!
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