LSOH Movie/Stage Adaptation

Someone in a Facebook Group I'm in (I think the person is also at this forum, actually?) recently posted this link:

"Reworked Version of Little Shop of Horrors, From Ellen Greene and Frank Oz, Blocked Due to Rights Issues - A stage version of Little Shop that blended both the stage and film scripts will likely not move forward."

I'm not posting this to stir up any drama or anything, for the record (and I don't want anyone to feel like they have to defend the choice -- if this makes you in any way uncomfortable, Sarah, feel free to delete this post/topic!), I just thought it was a pretty interesting read.

Personally, while I absolutely adore the film in all its versions (yes, even the theatrical cut) and while future movies might do their own thing that may or may not work out (we'll see what happens, if anything comes of the remake rumors this time, etc! Exciting stuff, really)... Well, I think the stage version is just... perfect and should be left as is. If it ain't broke, etc...

I've actually SEEN someone trying to blend the two and, honestly, it didn't really work. (It was a tiny local student production, and the cast, the translation and the puppets were so good, so I was disappointed when the more odd bits of the movie started to appear.)

I think both Greene and Oz are extremely talented people and I think they do solid work all around, but the concept of stage/movie mashup for LSOH just sets off my inner worry wart. Also, these are just uninformed personal opinions, some of you may disagree or have different experiences and opinions and that's neato. :)

PS: I had a vague memory that we'd discussed something similar at some point, and I guess I was thinking of this:
http://howardashman.com/blog/a-little-brouhaha/ (Blog post mentioned)
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