Interview ideas

I've interviewed Jodi Benson for my blog and Ellen Greene is next - as soon as she has time. I'd love to get ideas of who else you'd like to hear from and about.


  • How about Marsha Waterbury? She was another wonderful Audrey and of course the perfect Brenda DiCarlo Freelander!!
  • what about Alan Menken?!
  • Yes, for sure.
  • Perhaps hearing from some of the animators that
    got to work with Howard? And if it's not too personal,
    maybe hearing from his companion?
  • Thanks Cody. I like both your ideas...now I just have to get myself together and do it! (and have to remember how to use the damn tape recorder).
  • Paige O'Hara, Angela Lansbury, and Glen Keane. I remember reading this interview with Glen a few months ago. He talks a bit about Howard being the heart and driving force behind Beauty. Good read.

  • Yeah, I like the idea of inerviewing his life partner Bill; but, and this is any are still around, how about any surviving members of the Ashman Family? And if you need a tape recorder, I can let you borrow mine if you want. Otherwise, theres always Amazon.
  • Thanks - I've got the tape recorder, I'm just intimidated by it. It's a generational thing, I'm sure. I've spoken with Bill and we'll definitely do an interview.
  • I'd love to see an interview with anyone from the original creative team or cast of Little Shop.
  • Ellen Greene has promised to do an interview when she has time.
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