Beauty and the Beast Anniversary

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Beauty and the Beast will be celebrating its 22nd anniversary on Friday, November 22, 2013! Does anyone have any memories or stories that they'd like to share?


  • No special memories or stories, just admiration for a great film. I hear the latest Disney feature, FROZEN is supposed to be the best since Alan and Howard's days at Disney with songs Lehman Engel/BMI alum Bobby and Kristen Lopez. It's great that Disney has moved back to dong musical animated features with musical theater writers. At least, I think it's great.

  • When I was really little, "Gaston" taught me the word "expectorating" and I loved it for it. Now I'm playing LeFou in a youth production. :)
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    I don't have special memories of this one, either. I can't remember ever watching it as a child... With that said: I enjoy it an awful lot, it's one of my favourites even with all the time related-plot holes in it. ;) Belle is an awesome character and of course the animation and music is amazing (and the score is some of Menken's best work, imo). I adore the stained glass intro, it's so beautiful.

    @John_Verberber - From what I've heard of the Frozen-soundtrack, I wouldn't really put it up there with the 90s Disney musicals. I'm glad they picked Broadway-writers and there are a few very good songs, but I don't know. Maybe it's just my personal taste, but it feels like it's trying to be "hip" and I feel like the lyrics are too literal. But maybe it works excellently in context and I'll change my mind once it hits theatres in Norway. :P

    PS: Wow, this forum seems to be getting overrun by spam recently?
  • No real childhood memories for me, but after I decided to re-embrace my love for Disney a handful of years ago, it was the first Renaissance film I watched and it's still my favorite, and nothing will change my opinion that it has the best score for a Disney film that was ever made.

    As for a memory? I remember once a few years ago, I was on day three or four of a week long cold. Getting tired of just being locked up in my room, I gathered a few of my favorite DVDs and went out to the living room and layed on the couch. About halfway through the movie, my mom come over and started watching the movie with me.

    Guess who gets overly emotional about the objects, and gets more emotional when he's sick? This guy! So, I'm laying on the couch, with my mom next to me, trying to hide the fact that tears are constantly streaming down my face.

    Also, I remember once, maybe two or three years ago, I was staying over at my dad's place for the weekend, and I took an entire duffle-bag full of DVDs, including a few (like Beauty and the Beast) just for me. As we're going through them, trying to decide which one to watch, I hear him say "Oh my god!" I look over, thinking he's found "Zombieland" or "True Grit," and he says "You have Beauty and the Beast?!" "Yeah." "OH MY GOD! WE HAVE TO WATCH IT!"
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