Terrific! I loved it. I hope the production spawns a recording, and even more productions. It's a work as fresh and funny as LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, and even more moving. I teared up a few times, which isn't rare for me to do in the theatre, but somehow I didn't expect to be so moved. I'm still rejoicing twenty-four hours later. Was anyone else there?


  • John, no promises but with luck there will be a recording. I have no idea about future performances but I'll definitely keep everyone posted. I'm still floating. Kudos must go to Michael Mayer and the entire cast. Santino and Skyler have two new fans at the Ashman/Gillespie homestead.
  • I am now convinced that Santino is the most talented thirty-something musical theatre actor around. He was equally astonishing as John Adams at Encores's 1776 in March, which, despite being three hours long (abnormally long for a "concert staging") was as good an Encores! as I've ever seen during its main season. The guy can command a stage. Skylar Astin would be a good candidate for Finch in HOW TO SUCCEED..., and maybe in ten years, Harold Hill in THE MUSIC MAN. Loved him, too!
  • Any new news on a recording? I'm assuming at this point that it's not happening, which is a SHAME, because the production was fantastic. :(
  • Never assume, Andi, never assume. I hope to have good news this month.
  • Ooooooh!!! That would be AMAZING! :)
  • I really hope there'll be a release date announced soon. I know the recording was officially announced back in November, but it's been very quiet since then so I hope nothing's happened to stall it.
  • Late spring, early summer. It's real, I was at the recording session and it's well worth the wait.
  • Thanks so much, Sarah! I'm so happy to hear that and I can't wait to finally have it in my hands.
  • Wait...is there a recording for the LSOH Encores! thing?
  • There is and it will be released this spring or summer. Just waiting to review final liner notes.
  • I will post on Facebook as soon as it's available.
  • BTW I'm getting a Vinyl Record of the Off-Broadway Soundtrack today, can't wait!
  • It doesn't exist as a real thing. You're getting a bootleg or a fake. Please send me a note at sarah@howardashman.com. Wouldn't go after them, of course, but I'm curious what it is and actually would love to hear it.
  • ....Oh well, at least it's a record.
  • Also explains why I've been looking for one for three years.....
  • But....................Here's a link to what it should be, seems legit. Could it still be a fake?
  • I thought you were talking about Rosewater. Yes, there was a Little Shop cast album. Enjoy it, it's great.

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