The Complete Lyrics of Howard Ashman

Hi all,

I have been trawling the internet lately in search of early/cut songs from Howard and Alan's works. Alan Menken's website said that there were many discarded songs from the first version of Aladdin, some of which found a home in the stage adaptation.

I was thinking that it would be wonderful if a publishing company (I'm thinking Disney...) would collect all of Howard's lyrics and publish it in a tome that was similar to the recent collected lyrics of Stephen Sondheim.

It was a joy to see the dummy lyrics for Be Our Guest posted on here and made me hungry for more. If there was enough money and commitment behind it, there could be essays from Alan Menken, himself, discussing the origins of ideas and stories about the creation of songs he and Howard wrote. Howard's sister would contribute with recollections of Howard's lyrics and stories. It could be full of dummy lyrics, lyric changes and unfinished/cut songs.

I know I would find this a fascinating read. I'd like to hear your thoughts!



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