Growing Boy questions

I was just listening to Growing Boy again, and I figured I'd ask a question I've been wondering about ever since I first heard this song on Debbie Shapiro Gravitte's Menken album. What would the in-show context of this song have been, if Babe had been finished? It's obviously one of Howard's "food songs," but it's also pretty obviously written to at least sound like there's a lot of sexual innuendo going on. Was this meant to be played straight, in that this was just going to be Babe Ruth eating a ton of food while everyone sang about it as if it was sex, or was it going to be playing up the innuendo?

Honestly, I'm probably overthinking this, but it's a question that I've had for like 20 years now, so I figured I might as well ask! :) Anyone know the answer?


  • It was going to be sung by the (slightly loose) woman who ran a boarding house the young Babe lived in. It was an homage, of sorts, to the ultimate sexual innuendo song, "I Can Cook Too" from On the Town.
  • Ah-ha, thank you! :) I always sort of vaguely pictured a brothel, but I figured it wasn't quite that blatant.
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