Howard's Autobiography (?)

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From the moment I first joined this community, I've wondered why there have not been any biographies written about Howard; I greatly enjoy learning about important personalities through biographies (with those whom I've read about thus far including Charles Schulz, Jane Goodall, Walt Disney and Jim Henson), and his is one of the stories that I wish to learn about the most.

This, in turn, has led me to thinking about celebrities who, at some point in their careers, decided to write down their lives up to a certain point. For example, John Denver published his autobiography TAKE ME HOME in 1994, and Walt Disney attempted several times to start an autobiography (it never came to fruition, though). I must admit, although I do love biographies, I have found that I often learn the most from written works that are told not by a mere outsider, but straight from the horse's mouth.

Hence, the following question: Did Howard ever consider writing down his life story before he died, perhaps to include his work on LITTLE MERMAID? I think that would have been most enlightening.
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