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Hi all,
Recently became a fan of a web review series called Paw Music Movies by Paw Dugan. Dugan has reviewed three of Howard's works which are below; aside from minor quibbles he praises him and Alan Menken's collaboration and attention to detail in the music. I've posted the links below; be warned that there are ads.




What are your thoughts? Were you also surprised about some of the facts revealed, like the inclusion of Mahler's fourth symphony in "Be Our Guest" and Ellen Greenberg's vocal range?


  • I was a little bit suprised that he would compare 'Be Our Guest' to Mahler's foruth symphony, mostly because I've never heard of it before he brought it up. And I will admit it's a question that I've been thinking about asking on here if anybody has put the two together. Truthfully, I think it was unattential. I saw an interview with him, Don Hann, and someone else, and they were talking about the song being something spontanious. I think artists finding out that something might be related to another person's work without them even knowing is very common among artists. Though it would be an interesting question to ask Alan Menken, if he ever saw the connections now 'n days.
  • I'm a big fan of Paw so I really enjoyed watching those reviews as he's posted them. He always seems to have done research on what he's talking about, and I can totally appreciate that. I'm hoping he'll cover The Little Mermaid at one point too.

    I wasn't very surprised at the Mahler/Menken thing, and I also believe it was probably unintentional like @toonmate said. I've read of similar things before, musician Amanda Palmer talks about unintentionally copying a song from her first record (in this blog post: http://www.amandapalmer.net/blog/answers-to-your-songwriting-questions-and-a-video-of-a/ ) and I basically just connected the two once I heard about it.

    In interviews with Menken, he says he wrote a placeholder melody for Howard to put words to and then when Howard had written lyrics they couldn't come up with a melody... besides the placeholder melody. Which was the one they ended up with, the one that's very much like Mahler.
  • Paw in general has admired Howard's work, so when he mentions stuff like Mahler's symphony within "Be Our Guest" he's nitpicking and knows it. He plays his nitpicking for laughs, however; one hear him mutter at the end of his critique, "what the heck, it's a good song."

    Maybe the reason why he hasn't done Little Mermaid yet is because another reviewer on the website named Nostalgia Chick ripped the movie to shreds and made fun of fan-girls who defended Ariel. I hope he does it soon to counteract Nostalgia Chick's negativity and to show the music's impact on Generation Y.
  • I saw NChick's review of The Little Mermaid, but in general Paw doesn't seem to mind if other people have reviewed x movie before or not for his reviews. I don't think overlapping is a very big deal, several people on there did The Room, for one. So basically: I'm hoping he'll get to it after a while.

    And NChick at least had a few of the actual fans in her review, and I believe she also mentioned the music as one of the strong points of the movie? (Which I felt was relevant for this board somehow. ;) )
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