"Daughters of Triton" lyrics

Once, while listening to the Broadway cast album of LITTLE MERMAID, there was an extra lyric in "Daughters of Triton", which says: "In concert we hope to enlighten/The hearts of the mer-folk with music's swell." Was that a lyric that had originally been written for the song in the film and just got cut, or was it a new addition for the stage show?


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    It was cut from the film. Here's the full set of lyrics from the demo (included on "The Legacy Collection" soundtrack):
    We are the daughters of Triton,
    Great father who loves us and named us well
    Aquata, Adrina,
    Arista, Atina,
    Adela, Alana,
    And Ariel.

    In concert we hope to enlighten
    The hearts of the merfolk with music's swell
    Aquata (Ah ha ha ha ha)
    Adrina (Ah ha ha ha ha)
    Arista (Ah ha ha)
    Atina (Ah ha ha)
    Adela (Ah ha ha)
    Alana (Ah ha ha)

    And then there is the youngest in her musical debut.
    Our seventh little sister we're presenting her to you,
    To sing a song Sebastian wrote
    Her voice is like a bell!
    She's our sister Ari-
  • @JustinKudwa Thanks for the clarification!
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