Any plans for Little Shop of Horrors 30th Anniversary (Movie) 1986 musical


Does anyone kown if Warner Bros or David Geffen is going to re releases a new dvd or blu ray for the 30th Anniversary of little shop of horrors with the deleted scenes like the Meek shell inherit scene and other scenes that did not make it in 2012 Releases Blu ray or dvd. I would love to see a auto commentary with the cast and crew talking about the movie and a new behind the scenes of making from stage to screen and many more on the blu ray or dvd. i was happy that they put the dark ending back to the film. i wish that they could put the work print and the final film like they did with beauty and the beast from disney. i hope they can do it for there fans like me and other people who loves howard ashman work.


  • I haven't heard anything about that, but since you mention, I hope so!
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    A special edition of the special edition, with a better version of the finale and the editing mistakes corrected, would be nice!


    I am on the programming committee of a Doctor Who (and general geeky stuff) convention every Memorial Day in Atlanta. We will definitely be doing something for LSOH next year.
  • I'd like there to be an official re-re-release, but I'm satisfied with my fan edit. It's enough of a miracle that all the cut footage was posted online.
  • ^ Agreed. I'm happy it exists so we can see it, and I'll take that because I doubt we'll get a new new release anytime soon. Though I suppose a girl can dream.
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