Howard as Muse

edited February 2015 in Actors and Directors
With the great impact that Howard's work has had on the worlds of musical theatre and feature animation, I'm surprised that he hasn't served as a role model for more and more young and aspiring writers, directors, and lyricists.

Admittedly, I look to him as a source of inspiration, myself. But what about others?


  • I think lots of people look to Howard for inspiration, if not him personally, then his work, which is in a way himself. People can look at Little Mermaid, or Beauty and the Beast, and want to make a Disney movie themselves one day, or see Little Shop of Horrors and want to be a playwright. Chad Beguelin, the lyricist and book writer for the recent Aladdin musical, said he saw Little Shop of Horrors when he was a kid, and after that wanted to write songs and plays, and also Howard was a role model for Beguelin during the process of making Aladdin because he wanted to honor the work that Howard did that didn't make it into the 1992 film.
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