Howard's Sign on the Chinese Lunar Calendar

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Just recently, I came across YOUR CHINESE HOROSCOPE (Neil Somerville), and decided to look through it. Chinese astrology is, as I have found out, highly popular in the West, due to the depth of its wisdom and the amazing accuracy of its character analysis. As I looked through, I learned that not only does the sign itself hold significance in one's profile, but so too does the element that exercises influence in a given year.

Which brings me to how it pertains to Howard, in this case. He was born in 1950, which is the Year of the Tiger- the Metal Tiger, to be exact. Here is the book's description of the personality of people born in this year:

"The Metal Tiger has an assertive and outgoing personality. He is very ambitious, and while his aims may change from time to time, he will work relentlessly until he has obtained what he wants. He can, however, be impatient for results and become highly strung if things do not work out as he would like. He is admired and respected by many."

Learning about Howard from the blogs on this site, I found myself thinking, "That's him all over!"

(Interestingly, for a person born in the Year of the Tiger, Howard's great talent in the arts is much more indicative of a person born in the Year of the Goat.)
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