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Sarah, did Howard have a particular favorite Sondheim show, or song? And did he ever have an encounter with the great man himself? I don't know why this question is spouting out of me now-- maybe it's because I've just listened to COMPANY, after a long period of not hearing it and all of its glory.



  • Hi John, Mr. Sondheim wrote Howard a kind note after Little Shop opened. It's now in the archives at the Library of Congress. Other than that, the only encounter I know of was when Howard and I stared worshipfully from afar at the man when we saw him pacing the aisles at a Pacific Overtures preview (in DC, if I remember correctly).
  • Wow! If he sends someone a note after their show opens, he really likes it, because he almost never speaks publicly (or even privately, so I hear) about the work of the living, particularly those younger than him. I think that's wise on his part. Some people (i.e. the late, wonderful, but brutal Arthur Laurents) could learn a thing or two from Mr. S, a true gentleman.
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