Docu-drama about LITTLE MERMAID?

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I have read others' posts about the chances of a bioplay, a written biography, or (in my case) a biographical movie about Howard Ashman, the latter idea being sparked by my reading a discussion board about it at the Internet Movie Database (link: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0039141/board/nest/15372358?ref_=nm_bd_6#sthash.Ay1z9YLF.dpuf).

Well, just yesterday, I was thinking about SAVING MR. BANKS, a docu-drama about the making of MARY POPPINS (more specifically, P.L. Travers' fortnight-long briefing in 1961 Los Angeles as she is persuaded by Walt Disney in his attempts to obtain the screen rights), when I got an idea: What about a docu-drama about the making of LITTLE MERMAID, with a special focus on Howard's involvement in creating the film that holds such a significant place in the history of Disney feature animation?

I personally think that accurately portraying ALL of the events that went into the making of LITTLE MERMAID itself (all the behind-the-scenes events, I mean) is the most important part of this hypothetical project, but, inevitably, there is also the issue of who to cast. I, myself, can't seem to think of any particular actors to cast in each role, so I'd appreciate others' brainstorms on the matter.

At any rate, does this sound like a good idea to anyone?


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    Update: I think I have a potential list of actors to portray three characters (based on the personae of the actors, so as to make sure that they could portray the characters accurately):

    1. Chris Meloni as Howard Ashman

    2. Michael Weatherly as Alan Menken

    3. Jodi Benson as Herself (I couldn't think of anyone else, really.)

    4. Steve Buscemi as Peter Schneider

    5. Tim Allen as John Musker
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