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As I mentioned before in my previous "eyebrow raising" forum posts, I am currently a college student. This semester I have enrollef in an introduction to theatre class, and right now we are on a huge superunit on musicals, and to my surprise, one of these sub-units, which are smaller units of the musical super unit, is about nothing but, you guessed it, Howard Ashman.


  • I better take a lot of Cornell Notes
  • Oh, that is wonderful to hear. What school? Send us a report on the sub-unit (but do your own schoolwork first).
  • Well, so far we started analyzing Rosewater, and watched a few clips of productions of the show over the years.
  • That's really interesting. BTW, there is a new ebook coming out in two months with Vonnegut's novel, Howard's book and lyrics, a forward by Alan Menken, an afterword by me and commentary by Edith Vonnegut (Kurt's daughter, who produced the musical). One of the great things that will be part of the book is Gene Shallit (before your time) interviewing Kurt and Edith about the musical back in 1978.
  • Awesome, my fiance and I will have to check that out!
  • Wait, I have heard of Gene Shallit ;)
  • That's amazing, Sarah! Thanks for letting us know.
  • Thanks for the head's up, Sarah! I really need to get that one. Love the Vonnegut-book and that will give me an excellent chance to read Howard's book too. Very happy about that bit of news. :)
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