Broadway or Bust

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So, any thoughts?


  • Aladdin the New Stage Musical may be headed to broadway, and that is amazing!
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    About Broadway or Bust, what did you think about the way Van Kaplan worked with the actors as they sang? I especially liked his note to announce your name in person and wait for the music to start to get into character. I loved his note to the young woman to flip her hair AFTER the music started. Such a small note and such a giant change. And I loved that the camera then picked up one of the other girls flipping her hair, too.
  • I love these type of shows. Always put me in a mind of everything wonderful AND terrible about youth theatre experiences. Looks like this is a pretty cool experience for them. I would have killed to have done it when I was their age!!

    Did anyone else notice that in one of the "final-note-belting" compilations Disneyland was featured? I guess we can expect to see that as one of the solo performances later in the series.
  • You bet I noticed. (actually, I had a heads up because they asked permission a while back). I have no idea how much of the song we'll hear. I thought we'd hear it during the first episode, that's actually how the idea for the blog post started. We'll see soon enough, though.
  • The whole song is featured here, I think: http://video.pbs.org/video/2265243560/

    I thought it was fantastic, she really got into character, can't wait to see more!
  • Thanks @WizardVictor. And thanks Elizabeth. She got a little too into character but that girl can sing! Interesting that she got laughs - she wouldn't in the show but it makes sense here. And that means to me that this is a breakout song (works on its own). Great performance, Elizabeth, wherever you are.
  • Oh, that was very nice! Her voice is great and I loved that she was that in-character. In my opinion, she seemed almost Disney-princess-like with her movements, especially near the end.
  • This show on PBS raises an interesting question I've had, Sarah:

    What was it that Howard liked about the Off-Broadway environment (I don't know if he ever said why), and if he were still alive today, would he have eventually moved up to Broadway? Or even have continued stipend work at the Disney Company?
  • I don't know if he every said, but I think Howard liked the creativity that came with the lower budgets of working off Broadway. I have no doubt that by now, he would have been working on Broadway, too. I have a fantasy that maybe he would also be doing something in his own theater again, as well. Howard liked to have control, and you can have a whole lot more control off Broadway than on (economics again). It's unfair to call the Disney work stipend, work-for-hire is more like it. I think Howard would have worked where he found the environment welcoming and the projects exciting, that's the bottom line. Thanks for the question, good one.
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