Composers'/Lyricists' Influence in Casting

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Recently, I've been thinking about POSSIBLY pursuing a career as a musical theater actor.

There are two particular composers/lyricists (whose names I won't reveal, for sake of confidence) whose work has always been a part of my life (and which I particularly love), and I would simply LOVE to be cast in any new musical that they may be developing at some point in the future (the NEAR future, preferably).

However, this raises a question: How much influence do composers and/or lyricists have on the casting process? Also, are they even present at the auditions, at all?


  • Well I know for The Little Mermaid, Howard was very involved in the casting process, one of the things he did was get all the girls from his musical Smile, which included Jodi Benson, to audition for Ariel after Smile became a flop so to speak. He was involved in the casting of Ursula and Prince Eric as well, and he was present for most, if not all, the auditions in New York I think.
    As for other lyricists or composers, I have no idea.
  • If the producer is following the Dramatists Guild contract with the author, which he/she HAS TO, the composer/lyricist has 100% approval not just casting, but every aspect of production-- direction, choreography, design, etc.

    Good luck!
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