Little Shop Movie to play the New York Film Festival with Restored Original Ending

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September 29th, with Frank Oz, Ellen Greene and film restorer Kurt Galvao present

I am definitely gonna be there. To get to hear from those folks, and see this movie on the big screen with a big audience? I basically can't wait. Tickets go on sale September 9th at noon.


  • If only I could go... (le sigh), I wonder if it will have the restored full "Meek Shall Inherit sequence" along with the restored original ending.
  • Tickets went on sale today, and I got mine, so I'll report back on the 29th!
  • I got my ticket! I wonder if Oz, Greene and Menken will be signing autographs?
  • Looks like this one is popular too! They are on "standby," which means it is currently sold out. Luckily I got my tickets already!
  • Seems like it sold out very very quickly. That's pretty neat.
    You guys should definitively report back after the screening for those of us who can't go!

  • So when it says the ending is restored, does that mean it'll be in color? If so,


    I mean, it's been done before
    so it got me wondering: why not LSOH?
  • As far as I understand it, they don't have the original version of the ending in color as it was edited (which was destroyed to make the happy ending), but WB still has the all of the original color negatives for the film, so they went back and edited together version of the original ending using the color negatives.
  • @Logan. Great to meet you last night. How great to see LSOH with the original ending. Now I have to write a blog post about it.
  • I'm salivating waiting for the Blu-Ray release in 2 weeks. As I said to my friends, 'forget the Blu-Ray releases of E.T. and Prometheus, THIS is my must-have for October!'

    I run an entertainment blog ( theentertainmentnut.wordpress.com ), and can't wait to see and review the release.

    I told one of my friends who is a theater-nerd, and we're planning a dinner-and-a-movie screening of it with her family (now she needs to figure what food would be appropriate for the screening :P ).
  • Wonderful meeting you as well! Glad I got a chance to see you.

    Looking forward to the blog post. It was a really wonderful night and I feel so lucky to have been able to be there! Luckily the blu-ray/DVD comes out for all in two weeks AND lots of the post-film festivities have hit the internet.


    If you go to that link, you can hear Alan Menken doing a Little Shop medley and Ellen Greene singing an incredibly eccentric heartfelt rendition of "Somewhere That's Green."

    Really a great event :) And VERY popular. I think the New York Film Festival kind of underestimated its popularity. They had scheduled a screening for soon after our's was finished, and it was quite a task getting everybody out of the theatre!
  • Thanks for posting this Logan.
  • logan - I heard Alan perform a small Little Shop medley at the 'Destination D' event in Anaheim in August 2012. As soon as he started singing part of the opening song, my face just broke out in a smile. Though I remember after he ended his bit with the end of 'Dentist,' Alan told us he was always afraid of those lyrics at the end, fearful that the audience really would 'spit.'
  • I saw that video earlier linked on another site. It makes me very happy to hear Alan and Ellen sing those songs. Even after all these years, Ellen nails Audrey in my eyes. It's really incredible. (Though I'm sad I didn't get to see it live.)

    Can't wait to finally see the film, though I'm pondering whether to buy the DVD or Blu-Ray release since it's apparently only being released in the US and the latter's region restrictions will make it impossible for me to watch it. (But the packaging is just so wonderful!)

  • After seeing Logan's link to Alan Menken singing that LSOH medley with Miss Ellen Greene, you've got to get him to be a guest blogger here. The questions I so longinly want to ask him.

    Ask him if he'd agree to a guest blogger interview like John Musker did earlier this year. I'm chomping at the bit here. *Whimper*
  • After hearing him sing "Mean Green Mother" and "Dentist", I hope someone backs a semi-truck full of $100 bills onto his driveway and have him record "Menken Sings Little Shop."

    Also, did they restore the original proposal scene? From what I can take from "the Valentine's Day script" and from the gag reel, the reprise of Suddenly took place there (followed by my favorite cut line, "Seymour, we'd better stop singing! I gotta go get ready!"), and they had to reshot it for the theatrical version. I've been wondering if they put it back in.
  • Nope. :( From what I understand, they didn't add back in anything prior to Audrey's death.
  • Oh well. Hopefully, my theory about the Blu-Ray not having any deleted scenes is wrong and it'll be included as an extra.
  • Actually, from what I understand, preview copies of the Blu-Ray have confirmed your theory. :(
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    Yeah, that's what I expected. At least it hit me BEFORE it came out.

    Right now, the emotional side of my brain is going "HOW HARD WOULD IT HAVE BEEN TO INCLUDE SOME EXTRAS WORTH WATCHING?? WOULD A NEW FEATURETE ON THE ENDING, SOME DELETED SCENES, AND A NEW COMMENTARY WITH ELLEN AND ALAN BEEN TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR?! STOP GIVING US STUFF WE'VE ALREADY SEEN!" But the logical side is going "They broke their backs finding, restoring, and finishing the original ending in all it's glory, something no one thought would ever happen or was even possible. What more do you want?"
  • ^ I also feel that way. On one hand, it's really fantastic that they managed to dig up and give us the original ending and they restored it. On the other, there's so much more we also want to see that didn't make the final cut or that they simply didn't add or make. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that we got the original ending on dvd/BR, but this release also had potential to be so much more than it was.
  • I'd say a big part of the reason deleted scenes aren't on the Blu-ray is the amount of work involved in presenting them. I, for one, am thrilled they took the time and money to recreate the original ending, and similar work would be required to get deleted scenes on there. Unfortunately, this movie was made in the era of actual physical film, so often unused sequences are not just sitting somewhere waiting to be watched--they're ripped apart or destroyed, which is why they had to go back to the original camera negatives to recreate this ending. I can't even imagine how long that must take, and how much money.
  • Yeah, I definitively understand WHY they didn't do it and I don't really blame them, I just think it's sad that it means we probably won't ever see those scenes.

    I can't say for sure since I don't have the new one yet, but the DVD seems to have the same bonus material as the other release, which is what I find the most sad. Maybe it's mostly just because I didn't like that behind the scenes-featurette much, and I wished we'd see something else. I guess seeing the big "anniversary" releases for other films and their amount of bonus material just makes me a bit jealous. ;)

    Though the 40 page Blu-Ray book seems pretty awesome and definitively falls into the category of what I LOVE about this release, regardless of whether I buy that version or not. (And again I want to repeat that I'm thrilled with what we *did* get, so don't get me wrong.)
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    I understand it too, and I don't blame them for not including any deleted scenes. (Though, in truth, I don't care if they had been restored or not. I love seeing old, rare video with scratches, chunks missing, and somewhat bad quality. That's why I love the new restoration of Metropolis and the roadshow version of South Pacific.) It's just the general absence of new special features that bugs me. I'd expect a new featurette on the original ending and it's restoration. Or a featurette on the musical or the title's history (that could perhaps mention Howard at least once). Maybe a commentary for the new cut, even it's edited from the theatrical commentary and the original ending commentary.

    It's the trend I'm starting to notice with film releases; the studios are starting to fall back on special features from previous DVD releases instead of making new ones. Some movies still get new stuff: The Sound of Music has "A City of Music", and Beauty and the Beast has "Beyond Beauty." But even Disney is starting to get into this trend; the latest BRD of Cinderella, the film that saved the studio from shutting down, has only one new behind-the-scenes short featurette, a short film, a Disney World promo (with no mention of Cinderella), and a deleted scene, with all the other behind-the-scenes stuff just things from the last DVD.

    I'm not ungrateful. Special features or not, I'm still super excited for it. (To channel my inner Psychic Tonya, I'm so excited, even my hair is shaking! Ahahahahah...) I would just love to see something new in terms of the special features.
  • Yes, special features seem to be on the decline. I've noticed that too. I think it's because studios have decided that the money spent on them do not provide enough of a return, partially due, probably, to the rising number of illegal and legal digital downloads, downloads that generally come with no special features.

    I was disappointed in Cinderella's lack of new exciting content as well, but then again, I'm not sure what I would have wanted them to put on there. I suppose they could have produced a new making-of segment, but why? Oddly enough, they did this for the Beauty and the Beast blu-ray. They basically made a new making-of segment in HD that mostly rehashes the information the previous DVD release's making-of segment had had.

    One of Disney's best ideas, in my opinion, is their Second Screen feature. You download an app to your iPhone or iPad (and maybe computer also?) and it syncs with the movie as you watch it, showing you additional content like making-of trivia, conceptual sketches, etc.
  • Sarah, I think you were able to put into words what I've been trying to for a while; Seymour dies a hero in the musical, and a victim in the film. That's a symphony of words if ever I've heard one.

    And I think you're okay in saying the ending goes on too long. On the DVD commentary for the original commentary, Frank Oz basically says "It's too long! But, it's better to shoot more than you need and then edit it down, and we didn't get a chance to edit it down." The way I look at it, to quote @MondoMusicals on his review of it, "at this point, they might as well put everything they have out there for us to see".
  • Thanks Justin. I kind of disagree with MondoM, though. It's still an entertainment, I would have loved for Oz to have been able to edit the ending truly to his vision and then to show the other stuff as extras. (so, while it's true that you need to shoot more than you need, there's an art to editing something down, too.)
  • Don't get me wrong, Sarah - I am disappointed they didn't get more creative with the editing. I would much rather they had edited it all down to a more manageable length. I think 36 bars of instrumental (about 45 seconds, comprising the 2 verses and the "look out" bridge) in between "here I come for you" and "hold your hat" would have been just great, really tight and exciting. But I can well see them thinking "let's put it all out there."

    My review of the film & the Lincoln Center experience is here:

    I too am really sorry we didn't get more in the way of deleted scenes and featurettes (see my DVD wish list here: http://mondomusicals.blogspot.com/2010/07/little-facebook-of-horrors.html ) but it seems like finding the color negatives for the original ending took up all their time and resources.

    As for the original proposal scene, I think we can assume that Frank Oz himself cut that out in favor of the shorter scene we now know. Possibly he thought the "we'd better stop singing" line was just too self-aware, too meta, for Audrey's character (that's my opinion, too).

    As for the "Meek Shall Inherit" sequence, I am perfectly fine with it not being in the film itself. From the images I've seen, I really don't think they did such a great job with it. It seems way too fantastic, stylized and silly for the rest of the movie, with the white columns, pink cyclorama, Seymour turning into a plant with so-so makeup...it just does not work for me and obviously it didn't work for Frank Oz either. It's a real shame, as I think that Seymour's soliloquy really adds a lot to his character (and Rick Moranis did a wonderful job with the vocals) but sadly the visuals let it down.
  • Got your point. In honesty, you are way more knowledgable about the intricacies of the film than I am. I was really only referring to the last, city-eating stuff.
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    We are on the same page regarding "Godzilla: The Musical" I think. :D It goes on too long the way it's presented on Blu-Ray, and a tighter edit would have made it much more impactful, but we're lucky to have it at all, so I find it hard to complain TOO much.

    Tonight I am going to watch the Blu-Ray with one friend who's as obsessed with it as I am, another friend who liked the movie, didn't love it, but is interested in the revision, and yet another friend and her teenage son who recently saw (and loved!) the play but have not seen the film version at all. That will be a very interesting test audience!
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