Proud of Your Boy

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I really love this song (and the rest of the cut Aladdin songs, really.) and I was wondering if Howard ever recorded a demo (or worktape demo) of it where he had the vocals?

I mean, on the one on Music Behind the Magic, Alan Menken is singing, and that's also true for the one on the Aladdin Special Edition Soundtrack. And I love that version (and quite a few of the covers), I just think it'd be awesome if a version Howard sang exists somewhere.


  • No, Proud of Your Boy, to my knowledge, was always presented by Alan, who does a great job on it, I think.
  • Yeah, I love Alan's "Proud of Your Boy". Pretty heartbreaking and beautiful.

    I guess I was just wondering because of the way the song is presented on the Special Edition DVD of the album, where everybody is talking about how much it meant to them - and to Howard. So I was just curious, is all. :) Thanks for the reply!
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