RIP Marvin Hamlisch :(

Just saw on Playbill that he passed away today. Figured this would be a fitting place to extend my condolences. Now he and Howard can write the next "Smile" in the afterlife. <3


  • I was just so flabbergasted by this. Too early to lose him. What a talent. What scores he left behind. Truly one of the best.
  • Funny... the same thing happened 21 years ago with another musical genius.
  • I attended D23's 'Destination D: 75 Years of Animation' event in Anaheim in August. On August 12, Alan Menken closed the evening by playing songs he had worked on over the years. Though what I loved, was that as he neared the mid 80's, Alan detoured from his body of work, and did a small tribute to Marvin and Howard.

    As we were on the Disneyland Resort grounds, Alan played and sang the lyrics to the "Smile" song, 'Disneyland.'

    I still love that after all these years, Alan still doesn't forget about Howard, and in some areas of the night where Alan did mention him, you could hear the emotion in his voice.
  • I love that about Alan, too. I didn't know that he had done the tribute to Marvin with Disneyland but I'm not surprised. Alan has advised me, over the years, on how to better promote Smile. He has been a good friend to Bill and to me in the years since Howard's death.
  • Sarah - thank you for your comments and response.

    Alan also ended the evening with an encore that seemed to say 'for Howard' as well. We gave Alan a standing ovation, and he returned, and played 'Proud of Your Boy.'
  • Saw the Oscars last night. Loved it when Streisand sang "The Way We Were" for Marvin Hamlisch, who got the biggest memorial that evening out of everyone who died last year. I just had to post it here:

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