Howard in Commemorative "Little Mermaid" DeviantArt

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As you [my fellow members of the "Feed Me" forum] may have seen, soon after the anniversary of LITTLE MERMAID, I posted a discussion related to it, containing links to the site deviantart.com.

In regards to the impetus for that discussion, I found that one member of the DeviantArt community, under the channel name AverageJoeArtwork, got the inspired (in my opinion) idea of doing a 50 Day Drawing Challenge, starting September 29th & ending on the film’s release date, November 17th. Also, instead of just sticking just to the film, he drew behind-the-scenes stuff, the cast & crew, original/abandoned concepts, other movie/TV appearances, attractions from the parks, etc. The link to this LITTLE MERMAID 50 Day Challenge gallery is right here, in case anyone would like to look: http://averagejoeartwork.deviantart.com/gallery/51345357/Little-Mermaid-50-Day-Challenge

Now, there are two images featuring Howard (and Alan, of course), which really tug at my heartstrings, and I felt that these ought to be shared here (click on the links; I couldn't post the pictures themselves, unfortunately):

Howard and Alan working on the songs for the film, with Ariel and Sebastian listening in (http://averagejoeartwork.deviantart.com/art/Little-Mermaid-50-Day-Challenge-DAY-29-491008663)

The 62nd Academy Awards (http://averagejoeartwork.deviantart.com/art/Little-Mermaid-50-Day-Challenge-DAY-35-492140493)

Seeing the reverence that the artist showed towards Howard when creating these images, I found these to be a very sweet, touching tribute to his influence on LITTLE MERMAID (which I, personally, consider to be the greatest of the three Disney films he wrote for, with the song "Part of Your World" holding the dearest place in my heart), as well as to the incredible person, in general, that Howard was. I hope you all will agree with me on seeing these pieces of art.

P.S. The artist also created a drawing of Jodi Benson's recording session of "Part of Your World", which can be viewed here: http://averagejoeartwork.deviantart.com/art/Little-Mermaid-50-Day-Challenge-DAY-13-487757307
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